Church of God Multicultural Educational Ministries (MCEM) intends to provide a learning environment for positive intercultural learning experiences.

Who are we?

The Multicultural Educational Ministries (MCEM) is the institutional education agency of the Church of God for multicultural groups in the denomination. The ministry operates under the appointment of the Executive Committee and serves as part of the Global Education Initiative of the Division of Education.

What do we do?

1. We serve the local, district, state/region, and national church through the provision and management of a range of educational programs/courses for laity and ministers.

2. We provide educational opportunities for ministers and laity in certificate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, through the Division of Education and in partnership with other institutions of higher education in our denomination.

3. We offer resources, strategies, programs and materials for laity and ministers in theological training and formation programs for the multicultural educational ministries in the community of the Church of God.

Educational Programs

  • Basic Program
  • General Education
  • Bible Institute Programs (Level I)
  • Ministerial Studies Program (Level II—CIMS) in association with the School of Ministry
  • College-Level Programs (Levels III and IV) in association with Lee University, Pentecostal Theological Seminary, SEMISUD, and others.
  • Study Programs for Ministerial Credentials

The Church of God’s Multicultural Educational Ministries exists to promote and develop biblical, theological, and practical training, as well as general educational opportunities to the multicultural constituents of the United States.

To coordinate and supervise the development of programs with a diversity of educational models that include biblical, theological, and practical education from a basic level toward a higher educational ministerial level within the multicultural constituencies. The purpose is to train pastors/leaders that are actively involved in ministry within the local church and community.

Multicultural Educational Ministries is an official institutional agency of the Church of God, sponsored by the International Executive Committee that operates under the Division of Education for the denomination. It serves the educational/formative interests and needs of the multicultural communities of the Church of God. It unifies the multicultural educational efforts in fulfilling the FINISH Commitment of the Great Commission.